"I am having a delightful and mystical experience with this music."
"This is music for the adventuresome ear, for the intellectually inquisitive, for the creatively hungry. This trio has something too, which few bands can really claim: a wholly unique and original approach, with completely unique ideas from top to bottom."
-Phil Traynor www.thebaybuzz.org/Reviews.html

"The music is innovative and more than a bit quirky. In other words, a hell of lot of fun for jazz fans who like rock or rock fans who like some jazz sprinkled into the mix. Or just for anybody who is into music that moves above the norm... A bit deranged but totally interesting."
Bruce Von Stiers

"...they reach deep into their unified creativity, interacting in a way that lifts the music up and raises the level of audience engagement at the same time."
-Matthew Warnock