A sci-fi space travel adventure starring Albert Ayler

This music tells the story of unchecked greed and willful ignorance leading to the destruction of our home, Earth. As the fog of avarice begins to lift and they behold the destruction they have wrought, humans again embrace the faculty that separates them from their animal cousins - reason - and begin the task of creating the technology that will save the human race and enable them to settle on a new planet. Having built the transport, the travelers begin the long journey to their new planet. Along the way they begin to experience the disorienting vastness of space, and speed, and more space, and they come to the realization of the pettiness of their shortsighted desires and discover the truth that all things are connected, built from the same ancient atoms. Circling their new home planet and preparing for arrival, they attempt to orient themselves to the new view and prepare for a new life. Upon leaving the ship for the first time the travelers discover that they were never alone in space, their new planet is already inhabited - Albert Ayler, and many others who had already reached beyond the boundaries of time and space in their lives, were waiting to welcome the travelers. The story ends with a celebration and a march in Albert's honor. This music is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Albert Ayler, and many others, who continue to inspire us to reach for a place without limitations.

Suite for eoe jacket front

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Bill folwell 1

Bill Folwell

The Albert Ayler Quintet - Upright Bass

Ars Nova

Insect Trust - Hoboken Saturday Night

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo

John Lee Hooker 

The Oddyssey Quartet

   Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Autoharp, Percussion


David pate 1

David Pate

Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra

The Oddyssey Quartet

   Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

Jose cochez 2

Jose Cochez


Lannie Battistini

Credit 0

The Oddyssey Quartet

   Drums, Percussion