Except for the improvisations "Etude #2" and "April 9th," this release features compositions of mine that have existed anywhere from 15 years, in the case of "In the Shade," to just two days before being recorded like "Happy Little Trees." The takes are imperfect. The music is presented here with minimal changes in the mixes so that it will accurately depict our journey feeling our way through it. I preferred to keep the imperfections so that these takes more closely resemble the music that one might hear if John and I were playing the tunes live, where boundaries are pushed and the music flows moment by moment. When challenged with making music I am buoyed by a quote from my musical hero, the great Jim Hall, "The instrument keeps me humble. Sometimes I pick it up and it seems to say, "No, you can't play today." I keep at it anyway, though." Much peace and music to all people, everywhere.